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About Us
Trans World Radio is an international non-profit mission organization broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide.

Since 1954, Trans World Radio has been broadcasting Christian programs specially designed to reach non-believers and to meet the growing spiritual needs of different groups of believers. By the grace of God, Trans World Radio has grown from a two-language program broadcast in Spain, to broadcasting the Christian message worldwide in more than 225 different languages and dialects through more than 2,000 outlets, including 14 international transmitting sites, local AM, shortwave, long wave, FM, direct-to-listener satellite broadcasts, cable audio systems and the Internet.

By using and making available mass media to the people, Trans World Radio is able to assist the Church to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19 - 20).

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Prayer Items
Some 100 miners have now been rescued from the flooded mine in Shanxi Province. Please pray for sufficient workers and equipment for the continued rescue efforts, and pray for the recovery of those rescued.
An 11 year-old child in mainland China donated all his savings, which came to ¥100,000, towards drought victims, living out the truth that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Pray that more people in China may be willing to respond in love to those affected by the drought.
Recent reports in China indicate that the physical health of young people have been on the decline for the past ten years. Pray that the government may establish effective measures and reforms to improve the physical and emotional health of youngsters.
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