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News Flash
  • Praise the Lord! Our shortwave transmitter has just been restored and tested successfully this afternoon. We will resume our normal broadcast schedule. Thank you for your prayer.
  • Our Time - Does your life just go on and on without any changes? Don't be upset. Our Time , a program that records memorable moments of our lives, shares communicative skills, and teaches biblical knowledge; can always enrich your lives with God's words.

  • Lamp for My Soul (3) - "Lamp for My Soul (3)" guides you in listening to the whole bible in three years so that you can meditate on the wonders of God. You can now listen online or download the mp3 files. Let God's lamp brighten up your everyday life.

  • Xiao Ping Post-It - A different kind of post-it! Xiao Ping records all the different moments in her life, and invite you to live joyfully! Come check out Xiao Ping Post-It now!

  • Mandarin Audio Bible - Now make the best use of your commuting time, download our 'Mandarin Audio Bible' under Resources section. Listen to a chapter every day anywhere, anytime. Let God's Word accompany you all the time to give you His peace, strength, and wisdom!

  • Get Involved in Radio Ministry - We are looking for volunteers to assist with our ministry. You can even do it from home! Click here for details.
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  • Regional Office in Singapore
    TWR - Asia
    85 Playfair Road
    #04-01 Tong Yuan Industrial Bldg
    Singapore 368000
  • Hong Kong
    Trans World Radio Hong Kong Ltd.
    P.O. Box 98697,
    Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Australia
    TWR - Australia
    P.O. Box 275
    Kerrimuir, VIC 3129
    Phone: 03 8060 6055
  • U.S.A.
    Box 8700, Cary, NC 27512
  • On-line
Please include a note stating the purpose you would like the funds to be used for (e.g. Chinese internet ministry, shortwave broadcast, computer equipment, etc)
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Prayer Items
Some 100 miners have now been rescued from the flooded mine in Shanxi Province. Please pray for sufficient workers and equipment for the continued rescue efforts, and pray for the recovery of those rescued.
An 11 year-old child in mainland China donated all his savings, which came to ¥100,000, towards drought victims, living out the truth that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Pray that more people in China may be willing to respond in love to those affected by the drought.
Recent reports in China indicate that the physical health of young people have been on the decline for the past ten years. Pray that the government may establish effective measures and reforms to improve the physical and emotional health of youngsters.
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